White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets brighten your kitchen and bring clean quality to any style. White isn’t just a beautiful color choice, it’s also incredibly functional. Bright white spaces make rooms seem larger, especially in small kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. White also reflects more light than other colors, so kitchens with white cabinetry feel light and never dim.

Looking to add white kitchen cabinets to your farmhouse? Classic white cabinets with a Shaker door frame is an ideal choice for a bright, pure, farmhouse feel. Cabinets with decorative details in off-white colors, such as antique white or dove, add an elegant refinement to your kitchen for traditional or cottage style kitchens.

Selecting the Perfect White Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for traditional white cabinets, one of the most popular and adaptable styles is the KCD Designer White Shaker kitchen cabinets. The simple recessed panel design is easy to incorporate with modern, traditional, farmhouse, and other well-liked kitchen styles. Looking for other styles of kitchen cabinet ideas? Choice Cabinets offer a range of white and off-white cabinet collections.

White kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for your kitchen remodel since it’s such a versatile color that it works well with classic, farmhouse, and modern kitchen styles. Use white cabinets to create the perfect airy and bright dream kitchen.

Benefits of White Kitchen Cabinets

There are many positive benefits of choosing white cabinetry for your kitchen, including:

  • They make small kitchens feel bigger
  • The cabinets look and “feel” clean
  • They are a neutral color palette allowing more decorative options
  • Their reflective qualities add brightness and light to your space

White Cabinets Make Small Kitchens Feel Bigger

If your kitchen is tiny, choose white kitchen cabinets to make it feel bigger. White reflects more light which makes small rooms feel larger, airier, and brighter. Darker colors absorb light so avoid overwhelmingly dark colors in tiny rooms.

In addition to adding light, white cabinets are ideal for the minimalist aesthetic, which also makes small rooms feel bigger by cutting down on extra objects which can feel messy. White cabinetry also eliminates the visual clutter of different colors, wood grains, or busy textures. A smooth, bright surface makes a room feel larger than a textured, varied surface. Smooth surfaces create depth and open spaces.

Combining darker accents with white kitchen cabinets is another good idea to open up your cooking space. The contrast between the dark colors and your white cabinets provides the impression of depth. Choosing hardware, flooring, and décor as part of a larger color palette is a fun way to add personality and harmony to your home. Even an all-white kitchen might still feel too small, so use your space wisely. Smart cabinet organization can make small kitchens feel larger as well.

White Cabinets Feel Clean

Since the color white feels spotless, fresh, and sterile it’s ideal for inherently messy spaces like kitchens or bathrooms. Daily cooking and other activities can make your kitchen feel cluttered and messy. White kitchen cabinets help mitigate the feeling of uncleanliness. Traditionally the psychology of the color white indicates purity and spotlessness, specifically in hospitals or other medical fields. White is especially popular in minimalist designs such as Scandinavian or modern room plans, which emphasize clean layouts.

Many websites and graphics use white space to highlight and draw attention to text or images, making them easier to read. White cabinets kitchen cupboards do the same in your kitchen, acting as a blank space, highlighting more interesting focal points. White allows the eye to glide over the surface of your cabinets and focus on beautiful dishes or decorative appliances instead.

Along with white cabinets, choose light colors for countertops, floors, and backsplash to continue the feeling of cleanliness. A white subway tile is large, easy to clean, and continues the fresh appeal of your new, clean white cabinetry.

White Kitchen Cabinets Offer A Neutral Color Palette

White is the easiest color to match with other colors and textures. Starting with such a neutral color gives you greater flexibility in the style, design, and décor in your kitchen. The versatile nature of white cabinets looks great in any size kitchen, and on both modern slab-style or traditional framed and beveled cabinetry.

White outlasts popular trends, so you save money by not replacing your cabinets with changing fashions. To stylize your cabinets with today’s current trends: create a farmhouse kitchen with a farmhouse sink and subway tile backsplash, or a modern kitchen with black hardware pulls and a waterfall countertop. White cabinets are also universally popular, which makes selling your home easier. Potential buyers love neutral colors because they can envision their own style and preferences on a clean slate.

Easy to pair with any color palette, white cabinets play well with almost any color of flooring, lighting, backsplash, countertops, hardware, wall colors, and décor. Choose contrasting colors such as black or navy to add bold drama and interest, whereas off-whites, creams, or tans create a calm, simple kitchen.

White Cabinets Add Light To Your Kitchen

Light-filled kitchens are more comfortable to cook in because it’s easier to see your working areas. White cabinets don’t absorb colors and reflect more light, making spaces appear brighter than other popular cabinetry colors. Natural wood, blue, or gray kitchen cabinets absorb light, reflecting their colors respectively, making dim kitchens seem darker. Since cabinets take up so much surface space in your kitchen, choosing white cabinetry reflects more light than a white floor, white countertop, or in some cases even white wall paint.

In addition to more light fixtures, try installing white cabinets to reflect more light. Bright kitchens that take advantage of natural lighting also save money on energy costs. If you prefer to add color to your space but still to increase the room’s brightness, try white upper cabinets and a color on your base cabinets. Glass-front cabinets are another option to add in more light, as they look especially stunning with inside-cabinet lighting.

White Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Discount Custom Cabinets offers a range of off-white and off-white kitchen cabinet styles, each one gorgeous and designed with longevity in mind. Check out our various collections to see which shade and style best fit your home.

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