Terms & Conditions


The acknowledgement and acceptance by Discount Custom
Cabinets, LLC (“DCC”) of your order for our products is expressly limited to and made
conditional upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Alternative and/or additional
terms and conditions will be void and of no effect, unless DCC has expressly agreed to them in
writing. Your submission of and payment for your order constitutes your acceptance of these
Terms and Conditions, as does your acceptance of all or any portion of the products you order
from us.

You acknowledge that the prices we have quoted are predicated on the enforceability of these
Terms, that the price would be substantially higher if these Terms did not apply, and that You
accepts these Terms in exchange for such lower prices.

1. You acknowledge that you have carefully reviewed your individual cabinet list and you
hereby verify that the following are true and correct: All cabinet sizes, measurements, and all
cabinet finishes selected. You agree that once all the above information is confirmed and
payment is made and received by DCC, cabinets will be promptly order and ship the same to

2. You agree that you will promptly review and inspect cabinets upon delivery for any damage or
defects and will promptly (within 48 hours of delivery) report the same, if any, to DCC including
both a written description and applicable photos of the same.

3. You understand that the products described are specifically designed and custom built for you
based off of the measurements provided by you, which shall be relied upon by DCC and its
manufacturing partners. As such, these are products which DCC and its manufacturing partners
do not regularly stock and are built to your specifications upon acceptance of your order.
Therefore, your order is not subject to cancellation by you for any reason. DCC accepts no return
of any products for the reasons stated herein.

4. The standard manufacturer’s warranty shall apply to all products furnished (except where
other warranties of purchased products apply). DCC warrants that it has title to the goods sold.
DCC makes no, and hereby disclaims, warranties of any kind, express or implied, including,
without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect
to the goods referred to herein. Any warranty affecting these goods is provided solely by the
manufacturer of them, the terms of which will be furnished upon request. The warranty shall
become effective when issued by the manufacturer and delivered to you.

5. DCC will take all reasonable steps to deliver products in a timely manner. However, a delivery
date, when given, shall be deemed approximate. DCC shall not be responsible for any delays in
delivery of the goods due to any circumstances beyond DCC’s control, including, but not limited
to fire, flood, earthquake, transportation delay, labor disputes, civil disorders, governmental
orders or actions, acts of war or terrorism, global health crisis or interference from the COVID-
19 or other pandemic, and or inability to secure goods from DCC’s usual sources of supply.

6. You agree to accept delivery of the product(s) when ready. The risk of loss, as to damage or
destruction, shall be upon you upon the delivery and receipt of the product. Delay caused by you
may result in storage fees and additional trip charges.

7. You understand and agree that cabinets may not be adjusted perfect upon arrival and may need
to be adjusted before installation. You agree that, in the event there is damage to any of the
cabinets, DCC may only send the damaged piece and you shall be solely responsible for
installing the new item on the cabinets.

8. You understand and agree that all sales are for ready to assemble cabinets unless otherwise
specified as assembled cabinets and requires an additional fee upon payment of original order in
order to receive assembled cabinets.

9. Any additional work (change orders) will be treated as a separate contract, of which all
payments and terms as previously listed are binding.

10. Title to the items sold pursuant to this agreement shall not pass to you until the full price as
set forth in this agreement and all change orders are paid to DCC in full.

11. You acknowledge and agree that delays in payment or attempts to stop payment shall be
subject to interest charges of (1 1⁄2% per month) 18% per annum, or the maximum interest rate
provided by applicable law, whichever is lower. If DCC is required to engage the services of a
collection agency or an attorney, you agrees to reimburse DCC for any reasonable amounts
expended in order to collect the unpaid balance, including and not limited to all attorney,
collection, court and filing fees.

12. No claim for damages, defects, shortages or otherwise shall be valid unless made in writing
within ten (10) days of delivery of goods to you. If the goods are damaged or defective and DCC
acknowledges responsibility under its warranty or otherwise, DCC may, but shall not be required
to (i) replace the damaged or defective goods from inventory, if available, or (ii) allow you a
credit for the amount of the purchase price of the goods. Under no circumstances and in no event
will DCC be liable for personal injury or property damage or any other loss, damage, labor, cost
of repairs or incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages of any kind. In no event shall
DCC’s responsibility to you exceed the purchase price of the goods involved.

13. DCC retains the right upon breach of this agreement by you to sell those items in DCC’s
possession. In effecting any resale on breach of this agreement by you, DCC shall be deemed to
act in the capacity of agent for you. You shall be liable for any net deficiency on resale.

14. If any provision of this agreement is declared invalid by any tribunal, the remaining
provisions of the agreement shall not be affected thereby.

15. This agreement sets forth all terms and conditions relating to a single transaction between the
parties; all prior agreements, warranties or representations made by either party are superseded
by this agreement. All changes in this agreement shall be made by a separate document and
executed with the same formalities. No agent of DCC, unless authorized in writing by DCC, has
any authority to waive, alter, or enlarge this contract, or to substituted, or to make a different
contracts, representation, or warranties.

16. Your signature warrants that all information appearing on this form is true and correct. In
consideration of DCC or any related company accepting checks from you, you hereby personally
guarantee payment and collection of all checks, both personal or company, and agree to pay any
delinquent balances, services charges, and cost of collection of such amounts. You hereby
acknowledge that you have read and agrees to abide by the terms of sale as listed above.
Acceptance of this proposal is a binding contract between all parties.

Adam and Corey would like to personally thank you for choosing DCC for your project. Every
project is personal to us, and we are honored to have earned your business. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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