Pre Assembled Cabinets

Shop our diverse selection of pre assembled cabinets! If you’re searching for convenience and high quality pre made cabinets, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide array of pre built cabinets available in various styles, colors, and types to suit your unique preferences. With our pre assembled cabinets, you can transform your kitchen or bathroom without the hassle of assembly. We also carry ready to assemble cabinets which can be more cost effective if you are interested. Explore our collection online, or order a sample to discover the perfect prefab cabinets for your home. Order now and experience the ease and elegance of pre assembled cabinets to elevate your space to new heights!

Pre Assembled cabinets typically ship within 2-3 weeks!

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Sale! Drawer Base
KCD-BG-DB33-3-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 33″ Three Drawer Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Drawer Base 2 Drawer
KCD-BG-DB36-2-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 36″ Two Drawer Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Drawer Base
KCD-BG-DB36-3-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 36″ Three Drawer Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! 36 Blind Base
KCD-BG-BB36-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 30″ Blind Base Corner Cabinet for 36″ Space – Preassembled
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Sale! 42 48 Blind Base
KCD-BG-BB42-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 36″ Blind Base Corner Cabinet for 42″ Space – Preassembled
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Sale! 42 48 Blind Base
KCD-BG-BB48-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 48″ Blind Base Corner Cabinet for 48″ Space – Preassembled
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Sale! Easy Reach Base
KCD-BG-ER33-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 33″ Easy Reach Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Easy Reach Base
KCD-BG-ER36-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 36″ Easy Reach Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Sink Base
KCD-BG-SB30-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 30″ Sink Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Sink Base
KCD-BG-SB33-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 33″ Sink Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Sink Base
KCD-BG-SB36-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 36″ Sink Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Sink Base with Center Stile
KCD-BG-SB42-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 42″ Sink Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Sink Base with Center Stile
KCD-BG-SB48-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 48″ Sink Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Farm Sink Base
KCD-BG-FSB36-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 36″ Farm Sink Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Trash Can Base
KCD-BG-TRB-1-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 18″ Trash Can Base w/ Full Height Door w/ 1 Can – Preassembled
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Sale! Trash Can Base
KCD-BG-TRB-2-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 18″ Trash Can Base w/ Full Height Door w/ 2 Cans – Preassembled
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Sale! Microwave Base Cabinet
KCD-BG-MBC30-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 30″ Microwave Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Cooking Center
KCD-BG-CC30-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 30″ Cooking Center Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Desk Drawer Base
KCD-BG-DDB18-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 18″ Desk Drawer Base Cabinet – Preassembled
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Sale! Single Door Pantry
KCD-BG-P1884-PA – KCD – Brooklyn Gray – 18″ x 84″ Wall Pantry – Preassembled
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Pre-Assembled Cabinets

Simplify Your Kitchen Makeover with Pre-Assembled Cabinets

Pre-assembled cabinets redefine kitchen remodeling by combining ease of installation with visual appeal. These cabinets are ready to install upon arrival, eliminating the complexities of assembly. Choosing pre-built cabinets means opting for a kitchen update that is as straightforward as it is stylish. These units are a nod to effortless yet impactful kitchen makeovers. Take a look at our 10×10 kitchen cabinet sets to see how they can transform your space.

Trendsetting Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Embrace the latest in kitchen fashion with pre-assembled kitchen cabinets that make trendsetting effortless. These cabinets offer a mix of color palettes to suit your unique style. Dive into some of the top color trends for your kitchen:

  • White Cabinets: Timeless and versatile, white cabinets bring a sense of openness and cleanliness to your kitchen.
  • Gray Cabinets: Perfect for a sleek, modern look, gray cabinets add a subtle elegance to your space.
  • Blue Cabinets: Ideal for making a statement, blue cabinets infuse your kitchen with a vibrant yet serene atmosphere.
  • Wooden Tone Cabinets: Embracing natural wood tones, wood grain cabinets offer a warm and inviting ambiance that never goes out of style.

Order Your Pre-Assembled Cabinets Online

Ordering your pre-assembled cabinets online makes redesigning your kitchen straightforward and enjoyable. Imagine browsing through an expansive collection of cabinet styles from your own home, finding the perfect fit for your kitchen's dimensions and your personal taste. Whether it's a sleek, modern look or a classic, elegant design, you're sure to find what you need. This online shopping experience simplifies your selection process, allowing you to envision and organize your kitchen's layout effortlessly.

These cabinets offer a diverse range of designs, from cutting-edge contemporary styles to charming, traditional motifs. When customizing your kitchen with pre-assembled cabinets, you embark on an exciting journey of creativity and style. The online customization process is not only time-efficient but also ensures you make informed decisions about the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Prefab Cabinets
Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Streamlined Delivery and Setup of Pre-Built Cabinets

Experience the convenience of pre-assembled cabinets with our streamlined delivery and setup service. Once you place your order, we guarantee a quick and reliable delivery to jumpstart your kitchen makeover. Our pre-assembled kitchen cabinets come ready to install, eliminating the complex assembly stage. Our skilled installation team ensures every cabinet is flawlessly positioned and securely installed in your kitchen, enhancing both the style and function of your space. This meticulous process guarantees not only a rapid renovation but also the long-term performance and resilience of your pre-assembled cabinets. Choose us for a hassle-free kitchen upgrade.

Wall Cabinet Assembly Tips

If you decide to go with ready-to-assemble cabinets, we can help make the process easier. This video shows how to assemble a wall cabinet from Kitchen Cabinet Distributors.

Your Top Choice for Pre-Assembled Cabinets

When you select Discount Custom Cabinets for your pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, you're choosing excellence in both quality and service. Our pre-assembled cabinets stand out for their long-lasting durability and elegant design, ensuring a perfect fit for any kitchen style. The online selection process is straightforward and user-friendly, making it simple for you to discover the ideal cabinets for your space. Our dedicated team is always on hand to help, guaranteeing an experience that is as seamless and rewarding as the pre-assembled cabinets we proudly offer. In addition to pre-made cabinets, we also offer a wide range of other remodeling options, including bathroom vanities.

Shop our site today and discover the difference we can make in your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Assembled Cabinets

Researching pre-assembled cabinets can bring up several questions, especially when you're looking to make the right choice for your kitchen. Whether it's about durability, style, or maintenance, having the right information is crucial. Here, we address some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand the benefits and features of our pre-made cabinets. Our goal is to provide you with clear and helpful insights, making your decision-making process smoother and more informed. Let's explore some questions that customers often have.

What Guarantees the Durability of Pre-Assembled Cabinets in A Kitchen Setting?

The durability of our pre-assembled cabinets is a testament to their high-quality construction. Utilizing industrial-grade adhesives and robust materials, these cabinets are built to last. Expert craftsmanship, often employing dovetail joinery, ensures that they withstand daily use, maintaining their quality over time​​​​​​.

Can I Find A Wide Range of Styles in Pre-Made Cabinets?

Absolutely! Our pre-made cabinets offer a plethora of styles, including popular choices like Shaker, raised panel, and thermofoil designs. Whether you prefer a modern look or a classic feel, you'll find an array of finishes and colors to match your kitchen's aesthetic​​​​​​.

How Should I Maintain My Pre-Assembled Cabinets?

Maintaining our pre-assembled cabinets is simple. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent keeps them looking new. It's important to avoid abrasive materials and harsh chemicals to preserve the finish and integrity of the cabinets​​.

Are Pre-Assembled Cabinets Adaptable to Different Kitchen Layouts?

Yes, our pre-assembled cabinets are designed for flexibility. They come in various sizes and configurations, fitting seamlessly into different kitchen layouts, whether you have a horseshoe, L-shaped, galley, or single-wall kitchen design​​.

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