Measuring Guide

Before You Start

Be sure to click the button to the right to download the graph paper that will help you draw a blueprint of your kitchen. We can use this to turn your ideas into a 3D model and make your dream kitchen a reality.

It's Easy

Our Measure Guide helps collect the basic information to help you and your designer start your design. This easy-to-use guide does not have to be a work of art but just a clear and accurate drawing of your space. If you want to use the provided graph paper, that’s great. If not, then all we need is your drawing. We’re here to help you create your perfect kitchen — please call (330) 775-7584 with any questions.


Step 1: The Kitchen Shape

Draw your kitchen as a box, detailing all the walls that you think will have cabinets. It is important to include any major structural features or obstacles.

Step 2: Drawing It Out

Make sure to include radiators, appliances, and other obstacles that affect where the cabinets can be installed. Mark any structural openings such as windows and doorways. Then, go over your drawing and label all the openings in your kitchen. In this sketch, we'll refer to areas "A" thru "I", rather than input the measurements in your drawing. Record these measurements in a key beside your sketch.

Step 3: Measure the Openings

Get out your tape measure and record all openings, from outside edge to outside edge, and fill in your key. If you're unsure how to get precise measurements, feel free to round to the nearest inch. Remember this is just to get your needs on paper, your designer will confirm details later.

Step 4: Your Layout

At this point, you likely have a good idea of where the major items will go in your kitchen. Add your ideas of what you would like and be sure to include the placement of your sink and appliances.

Step 5: Pictures of Your Current Kitchen

It will greatly help your designer if you are able to provide pictures of your "before" kitchen to send with your measurements. (Also, it is always nice to go back and remember where your project started once it is all said and done.)

You did it! It is quite simple to measure your kitchen, and we hope our Measuring Guide helped you along the way.

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Send your measurements to Discount Custom Cabinets

You're almost done. Just forward your information and measurements form to us. Don't forget to include the "before" pictures of your kitchen!


15 mb max per email, if larger please submit multiple emails.

Smart Phone

Take pictures of the form and your drawing and email them to:


Use the web form at:

Information we need:

  • Your full name and contact information
  • Measurement form
  • Kitchen drawing
  • Pictures of your "before" kitchen


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