How to Measure Your Kitchen

Horizontal Measurements

  1. Measure 36” up from the floor and make a mark. Then measure your wall from one side to the other at 36” height.
  2. Take note of any windows or door openings. Measure from the corner to the opening.
  3. Measure across any window or door openings from the edge of the trim to other.
  4. Measure from the edge of the trim to the corner of the far wall.
  5. Add measurements from steps 2 through 4 and compare to the measurement in step 1.
  6. Mark the location of all water, gas and drain lines, as well as all electrical outlets and switches on the provided drawing.
  7. Measure from one corner to another at the height of the top of the window. Compare this measurement to step 1. These measurements should match.
  8. Repeat for all walls where cabinetry is needed.

Vertical Measurements

  1. Take note of any windows. Measure from the floor up to the bottom of the windowsill.
  2. Pick up where you left off and measure from there to the top of the window.
  3. Then measure from the top of the window to the ceiling.
  4. Measure from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.
  5. Add the measurements from steps 1 through 3 together and compare to the measurement from step 4. These measurements should match.

Other Notes for Your Drawing:

  1. Mark desired locations of your appliances in the drawing.
  2. Mark the location of all natural gas lines, 220-volt outlets, telephone outlets and cable outlets.
  3. Mark any other features of your kitchen that we should be aware of such as window seats, built-ins, pipes, etc.
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