Delivery Details

We use various shipping companies in order to get you the best possible price when shipping. Most orders are delivered on smaller semi trucks, but if your order is very large it may be delivered in multiple smaller trucks. We strive to get each and every customer tracking information so you can track your shipment. Due to limited schedules and availability of the tracking information, we ask our customers to please do their best to refrain from contacting us regarding shipping timing.

On Delivery

  • Confirm all pieces are present in the order
  • Confirm all packages are damage free
  • Do not allow driver to leave until you have reviewed all packages

Shipping Damages

Since we do ship all cabinets, occasionally we run into shipping damage. You have 48 hours to report any shipping damages on your cabinets. When the cabinets are getting delivered it is best to look the cabinets over before you sign the release. If there is damage on the boxes make a note of it on the shipping slip before the driver leaves. After 48 hours any unreported damage will not be covered. Please review our return policy and replacement policy for more information.

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