Cabinet Styles Overview

Below is an overview of all the cabinet styles and kitchen cabinet colors that we offer at Discount Custom Cabinets. Head over to the get a quote page to get a custom estimate based on your choice of cabinet styles and dimensions of your space, and start your new kitchen or bathroom renovation today!

Manufacturers & Cabinet Door Styles

We currently carry three Manufacturers of kitchen cabinet styles: Kitchen Cabinet Distributors also known as KCD Cabinets based in Raleigh North Carolina with additional manufacturing facilities in Houston Texas, Reno Nevada, and Apopka Florida. Choice Cabinet is headquartered in Bedford Heights Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland Ohio. Faircrest Cabinets is headquartered in East Sparta Ohio, a community 15 minutes south out of Canton, Ohio.

Each company carries various cabinet door styles, finishes, and kitchen cabinet colors to meet all buyer's needs and are shown in the cabinet overview below. In addition, they also carry various grades and price ranges for their cabinet styles, like Economy, Custom, and Premium. While all have their pros and cons, it's up to you to decide what cabinet style is the right choice for your project. Keep in mind buying directly from a wholesaler like Discount Custom Cabinets can save you 30-40% compared to the prices at big box retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards.

All KCD Cabinet's can either be shipped to your doorstep or you can choose warehouse pickup to save on costs. Warehouse locations include: Raleigh, NC | Houston, TX | Apopka, FL | Reno, NV

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All Faircrest Cabinets kitchen cabinet door styles can either be shipped to your doorstep, or picked up Outside of Canton Ohio in East Sparta to save on shipping cost.

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All Choice Cabinet kitchen cabinet styles can either be shipped to your doorstep, or picked up near Cleveland, Ohio in Bedford Heights to save on shipping cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Cabinet Styles

How Do I Choose the Right Cabinet Style for My Kitchen or Bathroom?

Selecting the perfect cabinet style is an essential aspect of your kitchen or bathroom design. Consider the overall ambiance you want to create—whether it's cozy and rustic, clean and contemporary, or something else entirely. Browse through the various cabinet door styles we offer, paying attention to their unique characteristics and color palettes. Your choice of kitchen cabinet style can greatly influence the atmosphere of your space, so take your time to explore and envision the perfect fit.

How Can I Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Color?

Selecting the ideal kitchen cabinet colors is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your space. Begin by assessing your kitchen's existing color palette, including wall colors, countertops, and flooring. Our collection of different cabinet styles has a wide range of colors, from timeless neutrals to bold and contemporary shades. Consider the mood you want to create – do you prefer a warm, inviting atmosphere or a clean, modern aesthetic? By exploring the diverse kitchen cabinet door styles and color options offered by these manufacturers, you'll be able to find the perfect hue that harmonizes with your kitchen's style and ambiance.

Can I Mix and Match Different Cabinet Styles in My Kitchen or Bathroom Design?

Absolutely! Many homeowners are now embracing the trend of mixing and matching cabinet styles to create a unique and personalized look. We offer different cabinet styles that can complement each other beautifully. For instance, you might choose a contemporary cabinet style for your island and pair it with more traditional cabinet door styles along the perimeter. This creative approach adds depth and character to your space, allowing you to blend different kitchen cabinet styles seamlessly.

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